Tender Document Preparation

Tenders received after an RFT will only ever be as good as the information contained in the original tender request document. All too often a client simply asks a security company for a quote and this quote will be delivered based on the security company’s interpretation of the client’s needs. As a result, many tenders are generic and the client therefore bases their decision on price alone.

The client is key to the security process and by engaging the services of a professional Security Consultant a detailed tender request document can be designed which can clearly specify the service level required, the duties to be carried out, the level of training required of the security staff along with other essential operational requirements to suit the client’s needs. On this basis, security companies can tender based on a set number of criteria and proper evaluation of the services offered can then be carried out to ensure that the client gets value for money for their security requirements.

See also Tender Evaluation, Complete Managed Solution.

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