Technical Audits

Clients do not always have the level of expertise required to technically evaluate the systems that they have purchased for their home or premises. Often this can be because they are not aware of the sheer number of products and systems that are available in the marketplace. In many cases the quality of the installation can cause the system to fall below the manufacturer’s requirements or the requirements of minimum standards.

A professional Security Consultant can audit your security systems to check that they meet the requirements of the Private Security Authority, An Garda Siochána, European Standard EN50131, the requirements of the standard certifying body such as CertiCs, NSAI, SSAIB, EQA, the requirements of the Insurance Industry as detailed by the Insurance Federation and industry best practice. The technical audit will provide details of the technical operation, compliance with standards, good installation practice, system usability and a determination on the value for money on the systems installed.

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